Destination USVI
- Your Hassle Free Tropical Vacation Is Just a Ticket Away
If you're like me, you haven't bothered to step up to the plate and get your passport just
yet. I don't get out much, I don't like the idea of spending a month's worth of groceries
on identification paperwork, so I sit here passport-less. Yet when winter sets in and the
urge to go somewhere tropical hits, I don't have a problem lying down on a white sand
beach, enjoying gentle waves lap up on the beach while I sip a cocktail. That's why you
need to know about making your destination USVI - the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Destination USVI - When you make your vacation a Destination USVI vacation, as a US citizen no passport
is needed, meaning you can literally just grab your ticket and go. So when the winter
chill starts setting in, that's where I get away. With three fantastic islands offering a
plethora of relaxation, adventure, and entertainment, there's enough to fill more than
one vacation - that's why once you go, you'll be like me and always keep going back.
Destination USVI: St. Croix

Destination USVI - Whether you want to go diving, do some fishing, do some hiking and go exploring, or
just sit on a beach with a cocktail in your hand while you let the world go by, the island
of St. Croix has something to offer just about everyone when you make your vacation
be a Destination USVI vacation.
If you want to get in touch with nature and do some exploring, your first stop on St.

Croix after checking in should be the Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Nature
Reserve. The place where Columbus landed on his second voyage to the new world,
you can have a great time kayaking along the river or go diving to get some underwater
goodness. You can even take a night trip on a kayak and experience luminescence in
the wilderness that's around you - kind of like nature wearing a glow in the dark t-shirt.
With plenty of hiking available and a beach where you can go take a swim to cool off,
the Salt River Bay area is a great place to get out and play.

Staying on the theme of nature, you can also take a stroll through the St. George Village
Botanical Garden, which is on the ruins of a 19th century sugarcane plantation. You can
simply take a stroll and take pictures of the varied gardens, which ranges from desert
plants to tropical rain gardens, explore the ruins. Whatever your preference, you get
modern convenience and the ability to get away from the crowds for a little bit in this

If scuba diving or maybe snorkeling is what you are after in your Destination USVI
vacation, then you need to take a day and explore Cane Bay. With the main part of the
reef off the beach, you can take a nice, long swim, explore in beautifully turquoise
waters, and then relax for awhile on the sunny beach. After you've rested, you can get a
drink at the bar, socialize, or go right back out into the water. With equipment rentals
right on site, you can get what you need easily without having to drag all your
equipment along with you.

With plenty of fine dining, beaches, and world class hotels offering you the best of
services, St. Croix has way too much to offer than what can be described in a few words
here. When you make your destination USVI, be sure to take plenty of time to explore
St. Croix, relax, and enjoy one of the best vacations you've ever had.
Destination USVI: St. Thomas

The only place in the United States where you drive on the left and instead of the right,
St. Thomas is known for its history, its beautiful beaches, and its unique personality.
With easy travel between the different islands in the USVI from St. Thomas as well, you
can have plenty of fun exploring everywhere or just relax on a beach and watch a
sunset. When you make your vacation a Destination USVI vacation, you can literally
have it all.

Maybe the first place you should stop upon arriving in St. Thomas is Sapphire Beach. In
fact, you should probably just book your hotel at the Sapphire Beach resort so you don't
have to travel far to get to this fabulous beach. Imagine an easy chair under a palm tree
on gorgeous white sands, and as you gaze out at the turquoise waters you can see
other islands in the distance, fish in the water that come right up to the shore, and plenty
of wildlife to watch as you sip on something sweet. Get there early during the tourist
season because the beach will fill up fast with tours and cruise boat passengers. You
can even go out and snorkel with easy to access shops right there on the beach.

Speaking of beaches, Honeymoon Beach on St. Thomas is also a must see, and an
early must see because it also fills up quickly as the day progresses. This isn't the
beach to go out and dive or snorkel, but it is the type of beach where you can lay out
and relax while the kids go swimming. Even though there is a short hike to get to the
beach, you can spend your day there thanks to food and beverage vendors that are
right there on the sand.

If you want to get out of the heat for awhile or maybe escape a little touch of inclement
weather, whether you're Jewish or not, a stop at the oldest functioning synagogue in the
United States should be on your agenda. Built by Jews who were trying to escape the
Spanish armada, this synagogue has classic touches like a sand floor and has many
authentic pieces from the time of it's original building. With a curator onsite to give you a
tour and an explanation of the site, you can get a glimpse of history with a visit to the
BVVH synagogue.

Whether it is history, simple relaxation, or even a great restaurant that has drawn you to
have a Destination USVI vacation, St. Thomas has everything you could ever want in a
trip and more. If you are planning on spending just a few days, you'd better plan on
spending another vacation in St. Thomas in the near future.
St. John

How easy is it to get to St. John? If you've booked a stay on St. Thomas, all you have to
do is take the ferry across the water and you'll be there shortly. And you'll be glad you
made the trip over to St. John as this island simply has some of the most wonderful
vistas, beaches, and resorts available in the United States.

Start your visit to St. John at Waterlemon Cay in the Virgin Islands National Park. It's an
offshoot of Leinster Bay, and sure you can just hike out there and have a great time, but
if you are brave enough to snorkel in the bay, you'll see one of the greatest collections
of undersea life you've ever seen. Everything from sea turtles to sting rays to
barracudas. The not so great swimmers should maybe take a stop at the beach to rest
because of the strong currents that can exist, but even at the beach you can see the
wildlife approach you on all sides. If you bring your lunch, watch out for a friend iguana
or two that tries to steal it.

Follow this hike and snorkeling trip up with another hike - trust me on this. Your
Destination USVI trip won't be the same without it. In the open air with no shade - but no
trees to block your view, the Ram Head Trail is one of the best hiking trips you can take
on your vacation. Go early to beat the heat, take plenty of water with you, and simply
enjoy the panorama.

And let's be honest - with a Destination USVI vacation, you can find yourself becoming
extremely tense and even exhausted. That means you need to make time and stop at
the Drift Away Day Spa. If you're there on your honeymoon or on a romantic getaway,
be sure to take advantage of a couples massage. Otherwise, simply enjoy one of the
best 90 minutes massages that you've ever experienced in your life.
So if you have decided to take a Destination USVI vacation, be sure to hit up these
great locations on your itinerary, along with your personalized list, so that you can have
the best vacation you can ever remember. Maybe the best part about a Destination
USVI vacation is that it leaves you longing for more, so you keep coming back time and
time again - passport free.